Naming services

Naming services



The best names encapsulate what a brand offers in a word that resonates with its audience. 

This means that the name you choose needs to please your internal staff members but more importantly be in keeping with your brand personality and appeal to the people who will buy and actively spread the word about your product.

It needs to match in with the personality and tone defined by your statements like “top level innovation and expertise. Down to earth service and support.”

Your naming architecture is integral to verbal identity systems is a clear naming architecture that will sustain powerful and memorable names. 

This means that your name needs to fit well with all of your other names sharing similar clients and may be a part of an already established family. 

Strategically there may be a reason to reposition a 'new product' away from the family it was born to in order to regain market confidence and build new opportunity. 

This will usually call for a strategic review and a mediated workshop in which the strategic priority is set and the naming criteria agreed upon. Then the naming begins.

By bringing together insights from the field, rational research, and strategy into tone of voice, you should be able to create a names that carry your brand to audience in the simplest, most effective manner.

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