Brand Package 2 - Consultants


Brand Package 2 - Consultants


Includes package 1 
Brand identity creation, brand consultation, mood board toolbox + logo

Social media, email marketing establishment, business cards and newsletter

✔ 2 hour initial branding consult

✔ 3 hour positioning 

✔ Mood board development

✔ Brand story development

✔ Logo or wordmark design

✔ Brand toolbox development   

✔ Social media

✔ Business card

✔ Newsletter 

✔ Email signature

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Package 2 

✔ Social media

Social media is one of more valuable tools for small business owners but can also be one of the most time consuming.

The positioning and strategic consultation phase will guide us to the most appropriate channel for reaching your ideal customers – which will help you avoid wasted effort. 

Consultants (depending on their industry) will generally benefit most from LinkedIn, Google+, Vimeo and YouTube. If you enjoy writing and know how to point back to your products and services, without spamming and switching your audience off, an active blog would also suit you. 

We help you :

  • configure and establish your social media page in one channel.  Choose from Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter
  • We help you plan and write your first series of 5 posts, or craft your first 2 minute video using iPhone and Camtasia recording and editing software – depending on which channel you chose
  • We share content creation tips and techniques 

✔ Business card

We design and have 500 business cards printed on both sides in colour, with a choice of finishes and corners – no laminate, matt laminate, gloss laminate, round or square corners. 

  • Designed in our studio and presented via PDF
  • All information will be supplied by you to us PRIOR to design 
  • 2 concepts and 2 rounds of design revisions included

Design - 3 days. Printing 1 week from sign off and delivered to your door.

 ✔ Newsletter 

When it comes to 'inbound marketing' lead capture, transitioning your audience to engage and buy your services is the goal. Forms to capture names and email addresses using meaningful and relevant communication are vital to meeting this goal. We use Mailchimp to deliver the tools and set you up ready to go. From your mobile phone or desktop you can collect feedback with comments, make changes with the editor and send your targeted newsletter to your lists of potential and existing clients. 

Included in this basic integration package :

  • 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation via Skype, or in office
  • We create 2 lists and forms  1. enquiry (lead generation) and 2. client newsletter and offers 
  • We create a sequence of 3 messages for each lead generation form to engage those who have enquired about your service of product automatically 
  • We customise your template of choice with your unique branding for your newsletter marketing
  • We will help you integrate this facility with your social media, and show you the ropes
  • Mailchimp support will be provided through unless you sign up for an extended management package with us. Mailchimp's support is comprehensive and very good. Have a look for yourself.

You will need to add

Monthly hosting from $10 US depending on the size of your list and number of sends

2 concepts and 2 rounds of design revisions included. 30 minute 1-on-1 consultation via Skype, or in office. Designed in our studio and presented digitally in a skype or phone conference.

✔ Email signature

Your email signature has 2 purposes :

  • a convenient way for your clients to get straight back to you with updated contact information
  • a way to consistently remind clients and prospects of your brand positioning
  • a way to engage clients with your social media or web marketing channels by inserting links

We will :

  1. recommend the best options for you

  2. create any graphics necessary for insertion

  3. supply instructions for inserting your signature to common email programs

2 concepts and 2 rounds of design revisions included. Designed in our studio and presented digitally.


PLUS  Package 1 items

✔ 2 hour initial branding consult

Clarify your aspirations, problems and potential in an informal consultation / workshop with us.

Conducted ‘face-to-face’ via Skype or in your office. Duration 2 hours.

✔ 3 hour strategic review and positioning 

  • Review your key brand statements including your vision, mission and values, brand promise and brand positioning. 
  • We start here because these are the internal communication statements that are the foundations of how external messaging should be structured. 
  • You may have these statements, however this is the right time to review their meaning, relevance and credibility.
  • Compare them to 3 of your major competitors so that we can position you away from them 
  • Establishing clear, authentic statements about your company will save you wasted time and money in the long run.

This step helps us assess vital questions like:

How well is your ‘outward facing’ image aligned with the reality of your service and product?
If the vision, value and mission is caught in your head it is not being communicated to staff,
customers and stakeholders.

Conducted ‘face-to-face’ via Skype or in your office. Duration 3 hours.

✔ Mood board development

We define your brand in a 150 word brand story that encompasses your brand and a mood board of images and statements that informs the new image style and tone.  This is the 1st step to creating a unique brand personality.

Conducted in our studio. Duration many hours - presented for feedback and sign-off . Includes 2 rounds of revisions

✔ Logo or word mark design

We design ‘3 logo and application concepts’ which will skew your brand personality differently.

Concepts may express different combinations of personality traits. Eg. formal and traditional, formal with a nod to modern sophistication, or modern sophisticated.

Your logos and brand personality will be applied to mock stationery, and a web page.

This step enables you to touch, feel and experience the personality of your business and gain valuable sign–off and buy–in with key decision makers.

Conducted in our studio. Duration many hours - presented for feedback and sign-off. Includes 2 rounds of revisions

✔ Brand toolbox development   

It’s now time to create an ‘easily digested’ package, we call it your ‘brand toolbox’.

Your toolbox introduces your brand elements and personality to your staff and suppliers. It also gives them any digital logo files and brief usage guidelines, so that your brand images are consistently represented across all future applications.

The ‘brand toolbox’ will include your brand story, logo, and imagery style.

Conducted in our studio. Duration many hours - presented for feedback and sign-off. Includes 1 round of revisions