Australian freelancers for hire at fair rates

Blink small business marketing is a service provided by a number of quality pre-selected freelancers who can collaborate with you and each other on your strategy, planning, marketing material, and communication needs.

Welcome to Australia's first ethical freelancing and crowdsourcing website

Who's on offer?

A selection of quality Australian business consultants and communication experts including designers, developers, writers, photographers, videographers editors and social media specialists.

Whats on offer?

Everything you need to take your small business to market as well as empowering you with DIY training for small business.
Consulting and coaching, Websites and ecommerce stores design, web development, Social media pages, Email marketing, Newsletter marketing, Graphic design, Copywriting, Photography, Apps, Video and editing, Account management. View our full service overview here

How much does it cost?

Work with freelancers at 3 price points inline with experience from the highly experienced top level professionals to emerging  talent.View our full service rates here

How it works

We offer fair working arrangements that protects both you as the client and the professionals delivering the services to you.

Watch this short presentation find out how you can bring great business results using fantastic local brains and creative talent without paying more and killing another Aussie industry. 

In more recent years many quality local freelancers have lost work to unregulated online labour markets. Known as crowdsourcing , micro tasking, macro tasking websites they appear to offer a great deal for business to source cheap labour, websites, logos business cards and online marketing or social media pages with convenience and at no financial risk. In reality they are offering offshore workers, novices with some very disheartened freelancers buying their next meal at below minimum wage rates.

Show some ads explain both sides

Sounds political? Not really. It is simple. As Australians we do care about each other and the impact of the work moving offshore is hurting your local Australian freelancers, consultants and small businesses

Saving a buck is always attractive but it can be risky and frustrating when the work produced is unsuitable for the Australian market, isn't up to scratch or is almost impossible to manage. We are assuming you need clients too and would prefer people to hire you not a sweat shop offshore. 

This offers Australian small businesses an opportunity access quality freelance labour without risking the success or integrity of your project. At 3 price levels