Consultation services

Brand consultation and workshops

3 x 3 hour sessions $500 per session

The branding process achieves clarity and direction for new businesses and reinvigorates established businesses.

We offer a low risk framework through which you can explore the potential of your business or personal brand.

1 . We unpack and categorise the problems you are trying to solve and set your goals.

2. With you we develop your key branding components with the goal of creating an engaging business presence.

3. With the goals in place we explore your vision, values, people, customers, products, partners and services, competitors.

We help you define who you are and where you or your product fits into your market.

We answer the three big questions clients/consumers ask themselves on a conscious or subconscious level.

  1. "why should I buy from you not someone else?"
  2. "why should I buy your product instead of another."
  3. "why should I buy or contact you now and stop looking?"

At the end of the process we deliver a summary of  your vision and strategy

From full time employee to freelance consultant

Testing the viability of change and identifying the most profitable and fulfilling market for you is the first step. The second is to pinpoint  the niche that is the most achievable target taking into consideration your finances and expertise.

Once we know where you are heading we will help you strategically develop a point of difference in your chosen market. We clarify the personality and vision of your business and answer the key question of why  your ideal clients choose you over everyone else.  This includes the development of a compelling back story that draws on your unique experience and supports a change in direction.

How to structure your advice so that you can give away the right things and package your IP (Intellectual property) into lucrative programs and services

Starting with the end in mind we help you create a realistic road map to guide you to your ultimate goal.

Business coaching

Our business coaching services are for those who;

  • Want to learn valuable marketing and business tactics and implementation methods
  • Want be supported through the challenges of small business by an external person who will
    listen and help you navigate without wearing out the patience of the friends and family around you.
  • Want to be exposed and influenced by not one but three of the best business coaching
    systems active today.
  • Want access to well developed marketing skills and an astute mind for positioning your business and communicating with clients in a way that will boost your ability to sell more without selling.