Facebook establishment package


Facebook establishment package


Facebook establishment service

What does “establishment” mean: Facebook establishment involves getting your Business Page up and running as a properly configured fan page which will not be penalised by Facebook.


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Learn how Facebook can help you and tips and tricks to maximise the return on your investment of time and money.

Why it is valuable: Facebook offers a massive opportunity for small business but it is also incredibly competitive. By structuring your pages correctly, integrating it with your website, blog or online store and embedding your analytics system you will experience greater success.

What we will do for you: 

  1. We set up a Facebook Page, not a personal profile (if you have an existing personal page you have been using for business we will need to migrate this for you.
  2. We categorise your page so you can take advantage of the Facebook search engine
  3. We help you name your page with a name that you will want to stick with (over 200 likes and you cannot change it) so this is important. We will set up your page as a local business if that is important here.
  4. We set up a vanity URL for your Facebook page (we can do this after you have 25 likes) www.facebook.com/yourcompanyname. Your company will be your user name not your page name. You only get one opportunity to change this in the future so it pays to get it right. We help you reach your first 25 likes quickly.
  5. We set up your description to include relevant keywords relating to your business services and products.
  6. We point your strategically named url’s to your page as well.
  7. We set up your ‘about’ box to include the best 150 character description or promotion for you.We point back to your website here.
  8. We create an amazing cover photo collage and a smaller profile pic to delight your audience. We integrate a call to action with a reward (if that fits with your brand) to encourage likes. We stick to the optimum size so that your page will view well on phone and computer. This is important because when another person likes you it shows in their news feeds.
  9. We create a landing page/tab for your Facebook page to help you draw traffic to that not your main Facebook page because since the introduction FaceBook timeline soliciting likes is a lot harder. We need to re-route traffic to this tab which will have a URL used throughout your promotional material.
  10. We create custom tabs (Up to 3) to further boost your traction and click throughs to your product service offers. We create images and text for each of these tabs. (up to 3)
  11. We ended your Facebook like badges on your website
  12. We set up a blog page on your website to feed your Facebook page and teach you how to use it.

Extra Facebook packages you may be interested in

Social media management packages: 

We will supply a monthly report on your facebook activity and make content recommendations. We make content recommendations based on comments or likes certain topics attracted and then create new clusters on other topics that will be of interest.

Content copywriting and creation packages: 

We will write a series of relevant posts and pair them with engaging imagery on your behalf and match an image to it to entice interaction.

We recommend new segways back to your company, community or offering wherever possible.