Twitter establishment


Twitter establishment


We will get you Twitter account up and running with integration to your blog or website and effective profiling


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Why it is valuable: Facebook offers a massive opportunity for small business but it is also incredibly competitive. By structuring your pages correctly, integrating it with your website, blog or online store and embedding your analytics system you will experience greater success.

What we will do for you: 

  1. Your Twitter username makes up part of your Twitter profile URL which mean that it goes on all your marketing material that points in that direction. We help you set up a user name that is short simple and memorable. Preferably your business name or service skew.
  2. We then add your business name to the name box not your personal name as advised by Twitter because it is displayed prominently on your page, unless your name is your brand.
  3. We add your website or link to your other social media channel.
  4. Now the Twitter bio. Here we will ask you you to nominate the best person or people who will actively Tweet on your behalf. We will also ask you for some profile images here. So please if you do not have one invest a little in quality.We need your smiling faces to engage the audience
  5. We will design a Twitter background image for brand promotion. This will be viewed by people on desktop. This is the perfect time to promote your writing team or contributors, your other key media channels, latest products or services. 
  6. We then add the next layer your Twitter header image that will be visible on mobile applications but will also be visible with the background image at times. We will skilfully craft a image to cover both bases and provide a further call to action or reinforcing comment. 
  7. Although we will not automatically push your tweets to your Facebook wall we will set up your twitter icons on your website and teach you how to add a follow icon to each of your blogs
  8. We will connect your Twitter account to your Squarespace or Wordpress site. This will allow you to add a Social Icon to link to your Twitter Feed, automatically push content to your Twitter Feed, and display your Twitter Feed within your site using the Twitter Block.

Social media management packages: 

We will supply a monthly report on your Twitter activity and make content recommendations. We make content recommendations based on comments or retweets on certain topics  and then create new clusters on other topics that will be of interest.

Content copywriting and creation packages: 

We will write a series of relevant posts and pair them with engaging imagery on your behalf and match an image to it to entice interaction.

We recommend new segways back to your company, community or offering wherever possible.