Build your base website package here, then transition your website into an online brand with creative and marketing add-ons.


Step 1

Watch this 2 minute video to understand why you need it then select a session.

Plan your website to stay on time and on budget. 

Planning determines

  1. how website visitors will navigate around the website

  2. which pages should be included and positioned

  3. how those pages link together within the site and externally to pages outside the site

  4. what type of content will work best for each page eg video, text, illustration etc

  5. what features are required forms, shopping carts, email capture, facebook, blogs

Select your business type to the right for an instant quote

Website planning consultation
from 200.00
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Step 2

Watch this 2 minute video.

We will run through the basics of Squarespace and WordPress to make the selection of the best development platform and Content Management System (CMS) for you clearer. Then comes hosting.

Select your hosting package to the right for an instant quote.

Squarespace e-commerce base package
from 240.00
the yearly hosting package you need:
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Squarespace is the affordable and 'easy-to-use' CMS for all small businesses. Everything you need to market your business or showcase your brand, is at your fingertips with this hosted, feature-packed platform. FIND OUT MORE

Wordpress eCommerce base package
from 65.00
yearly hosting package:
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Wordpress is a brilliant CMS option for all levels of small to large businesses and organisations with plans to scale-up, or for those that need maximum flexibility in both design and functionality for the future. FIND OUT MORE

Step 3



Supply your words, photos, images and content to us. 
Then, we build your website wireframe to plan and ensure web SEO protocols are adhered to. 

Access tutorial videos showing you how to create pages and add content UNLIMITED PAGES.

Select the number of pages you need to get started

Website build sessions
from 500.00
number of pages:
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Step 4

Check and publish

It is time to run the vital checks across content, browsers and mobile phones. All of us including you will run through a checklist so any fixes can be made.

It is time to go public with the website

The site will be uploaded to the final host server and the relevant URL’s pointed to it so that the public can see your new website. We will then submit your website to the major search engines. Congratulations.


Go live and publish
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Get your brand story straight and engage the right clients.

More than a logo and a few colours slapped onto a website. A well branded website stands apart from the others – it means something special to those who use it. Whether you are making your website the HQ of your business, or using it as an added outlet for a bricks and mortar business, it pays to create a unique and likeable brand experience.

In the Website Design Customisation package we transform your website theme into a unique and enticing 'user experience' that is reflective of your 'real world' business. We extend your website look and feel to reveal more about your brand, and position elements strategically to encourage your audience to spend more time and interact with you exactly how you want them to.

Copywriting packages
from 200.00
number descriptions:
level of expertise:
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Add the creative services you need

Don't underestimate the power of professional copywriting! Great copywriting engages your customers with just the right balance of description and persuasion. Not just salesy text yelling 'BUY NOW' (unless your clients' respond to that and it reflects your product or service). When copywriting gets the tone right – you will have deployed a 24 hour a day sales rep. Call in some professional help and reap the benefits.

Social media set-up packages
from 300.00
the a channel:
service level:
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Social media establishment of your preferred channel 

Branded with your business style and supplied logo. We simply integrate your existing social media channels or establish the right channel for you from scratch. Choose from a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Newsletter marketing package
from 350.00
level of set up:
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Increase your bottom line by growing a list of clients who want to hear from you

We set up Mailchimp name capture, list and campaign system and branded with your business' style and supplied logo. We install forms on your website that link directly into segmented lists and auto-responders, so your customers can 'ping' you even while you are asleep, and still feel cared for. We will also add a newsletter join-up link on your checkout page, so you can stay in touch and build an ongoing relationship. How brilliant is that?

E-commerce store optimisation
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Build on your success at every touch point

No matter what you are selling, online shopping has evolved beyond a price-driven convenience. It takes a mobile or computer screen and turns it into a virtual shopping experience. People who visit your online store are more than just statistics – they are real humans. People engage with your store at multiple levels called 'touch points'. With every word they read, image they see, and link they follow, they are experiencing your business. If they love it – they buy from you. If not, they will look to the competition. You can simply 'measure statistics' or you can dig deeper to continually enhance the experience and increase your bottom line immensely. 

Photography packages - online stores
from 300.00
a location:
level of expertise:
number of products:
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Present your product professionally with exceptional photography. When you consider the importance of your imagery on your online store, the benefits of doing it professionally are obvious. This is a visual medium and your photography, imagery and words allow your website visitors to 'virtually' pick up, touch, kick the tyres and smell your product.

Stylist - food, product, interior
from 150.00
the number of set ups:
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Add the secret weapon of great product photography – a stylist. This is your opportunity to create a second-to-none experience which will make browsing your goods and services a pleasure. Delight your visitors with a visual feast and show them exactly how your product or service could solve their problem, or enhance their life, like nothing else can. 

Additional expenses you need to budget in

Additional product upload services
from 250.00
hours of assistance:
level of expertise:
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Need some help populating your website? Call in some assistance. Uploading your content is not a slap dash effort. Attention to detail is essential when you upload product. There are variables that can cause havoc if they are not entered correctly. If you supply the spreadsheets and images we can upload your inventory, ready for you to check.

Additional photoshop packages
from 20.00
service type:
complexity level:
number of images:
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We can help you with making your store and brand image much better using Photoshop. For example: product images from different sources that need to look like they are from the same family; backgrounds that need cleaning or removal; creation of collages and composites – useful for product bundle promotions, or to show their physical scale. Your products in the hands of a talented artist will make them irresistible.

This is our minimum recommended add–on for any business with none to low technical experience. Especially if you have chosen the Wordpress eCommerce base website package. This package will ensure your website is safe and protected, and is functioning at optimal speed. It will also ensure that if you need a backup of your website – it will be available. You can use your in-house IT department to manage your website, or you can use us – the choice is yours.