Additional product upload services


Additional product upload services

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Need some help populating your website. Call in some assistance. Uploading your content is not a slap dash effort. Attention to detail is essential when you upload product. There are variables that can cause havoc if they are not entered correctly. If you supply the spreadsheets and images we can upload your inventory ready to check.

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Uploading product

Configuring product uploads requires some serious organisation - mistakes can be costly.

There are a number of item variables that need to be accurately put into the system.
So we need to know the following:

  1. Is it a physical, digital, or a service / product that you are selling online?
  2. Which page is this product to be allocated to, on your website?
  3. Do you have existing categories, sku's and photographic images or illustrations that need to be added?
  4. What are the variables eg colour, size, number of hours, quality etc.?
  5. Do you have the basic product or service description and additional information ready for input?
  6. Do you have Refund policies, Terms and Conditions or Guarantees that need to be added?
  7. If you are shipping your product do you have dimensions, weights, and location details?
  8. Do you integrate with Xero, or some other accounting software?
  9. Do you have specific workflow requirements, like forms your customer's need to fill out?
  10. Do you have a particular newsletter, Vimeo or YouTube channel, or other social media platforms you wish to embed, or any specific hash tags or supporting blogs you wish to align to enhance the customer experience?
  11. Do you have any coupons that can be applied to the product?
  12. Do you have any associated products you would like to recommend?
  13. Do you have any special taxes other than GST to be applied and does your product attract GST?