Social media set-up packages


Social media set-up packages

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Social media establishment of your preferred channel branded with your business style and supplied logo.

We simply integrate your existing social media channels or establish the right channel for you from scratch.

Choose from a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Social media for your e-commerce website

Your website / blog, email campaigns, or newsletters and social media, are all great marketing partners and keep you connected to your customers in different ways. 

Different types of people (let's call them tribes) gather and share in different social media communities so it pays to meet your customers on their preferred social media turf, not where it suits you. 

At this point we are simply hooking up your interactions between your website, shopping cart, newsletter or blogs with the social media channel of choice. 

We can integrate with almost any of your preferred social media channels. This means we set up the code in the right places so they talk to each other. This is great for the social media savvy small business owners out there or those with an existing audience. Select the social media hubs your ideal customers use, and we will integrate it into your website.

New to social media?

Social media can waste time with little return but it doesn't need to be that way.

If you need help with finding and establishing the right channel for you this package is for you.

Our time is split between

  • Consulting with you to understand who and where your customers meet
  • Setting-up and integrating your social media channel with your other online marketing streams
  • Teaching you the basics around the protocols of your chosen channel and the most time effective way of using it
  • Creative development of your first release material and a kick-off plan to get you going

We have social media establishment packages for: facebook, pinterest, youtube or vimeo, twitter, linkedIn or Google+