Our Service Pledge

At every stage of our process and in every single aspect of my service delivery I promise to do the best to satisfy my clients.

Read – I promise to read the brief thoroughly

Feedback – I promise to feedback with any questions or observations

Listen and clarify – I promise to listen and clarify any unclear points

Feedback – I promise to feedback verbally and in writing of what is expected of me

Plan – I promise to plan my tasks, milestones and deadlines with the client prior to commencing the work

Commit and Deliver – I promise to deliver on time and on brief to the best of my ability

Listen to feedback – I promise to listen actively and openly to feedback and comment professionally and honestly if the nature of the client feedback will be detrimental to their successful outcome only if they elect for you to do so in the brief stage otherwise I promise to carry out their wishes providing they fit within the brief and agreed schedule of tasks, milestones and deadlines

Deliver on changes – I promise to deliver all requested changes to the work providing they are within the boundaries of the initial brief agreement

Report and flag – I promise to report clearly ad fairly on any concerns, changes to the brief or changes to agreed work