Step 3 - Brand exploration and development

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Step 3 - Brand exploration and development


We gather and present key findings and illustrate your brand transition in a highly visual presentation which enables you and your staff and stakeholder to become crystal clear on what your current brand is and what your future brand will be.

The purpose of this stage is to methodically work through the your brand foundations, competitive positioning and personality type as an organisation. 


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The brand exploration and development process

  • We explore your ideal customers 
  • We map the other businesses or organisations servicing them
  • We Investigate any online gathering places and discussion forums taking place by your customers in social media, to get a feel for their personas, attitudes and critical needs
  • We Rank the biggest problems your ideal customers are experiencing from critical to irritating
  • We Integrate feedback from staff members on your front line, so you can gain further insight into your client's problems and any frustrations they are experiencing with your service
  • We Build-out and your client's persona and your brand's persona in greater detail.
  • We create a sequence of images defining who you are and who you are not
  • We create a mood board of what your new brand will look and sound like

The presentation is now complete.

We now have a firm grip on your ideal customer/s and your brand personality and are feeding back to you to see if it sits right. 

The work completed to date now acts as benchmark to measure your creative brand development work against.