Take the pain out of learning how to set up and use your website, and social media to build your marketing success copywriting, photography and content planning and strategy packages available for owners and staff.

Learn how to create and/or maintain your own website,  social media tools and email marketing programs. We teach you how to get your marketing machine rolling with a series of  training sessions, skype,  video online or in person. Choose the package to suit your needs.

START UP MARKETING PACKAGES.  Coaching, consulting and marketing  tools or branding for Australian small business and consultants.

Set off on the right foot with dynamic marketing tools and knowledge. Choose the level of help you need from combinations of consultation, market research, branding, naming, strategy and outward facing tools to reach your ideal clients.

GAME CHANGER packages including strategy, plans, product, service rebranding for Australian small business

Choose the combination you need from the following expert positioning sessions, identity design, logo, imagery guide, business card and print, website design and training. Add service modules as you need them for your consultancy, service or small retail business.

BRAND packages including research, positioning, SWOT, key messages, channels and pricing for Australian SME over $1m revenue per annum and Not for Profit organisations

Access professional research, positioning, pricing, service or product package creation, and communication strategy then communicate the  foundations with creative brand creation. 

WEBSITE packages including website planning, design and development, Self managed, customised templates, fully custom developed, blogs, websites, ecommerce

Create a basic web presence and add a logo design, or integrate social pages and set them up for a seamless and authentic professional image
for your business.

PRINT DESIGN packages including logos, business cards, letterheads, folders, newsletters, brochures, signage and banners for small Australian businesses

Choose the printed items to extend your presence in printed media design. Template designs created for recurring items and printing services available. Choose the items you need to extend your presence beyond electronic media.

Small business coaching packages

  1. General coaching sessions
  2. Expert positioning coaching
  3. Start up coaching
  4. Business plan coaching
  5. Marketing and communication plan coaching
  6. Awakened coaching and online learning  

Small business start up packages

Small business website packages

Site creation from planning to development for small business and retail. Customised high end themes designed in Wix, Squarespace or Wordpress for ongoing DIY management or fully customised enterprise solutions with CMS inclusions.

Social media

Marketing consultation, design or DIY coaching, training and set up for ongoing self management.

Small business marketing and communication packages

Segment targeted client lists with marketing email set up, auto sequences, copy writing and design. Set up for ongoing self management also available.

Small business branding packages

Electronic downloads or emailed newletters designed and/or written and set up for distribution. Set up for ongoing self management also available.

Graphic design

Design and production management of logos, business cards, stationery, brochures, flyers, banners, prezi and powerpoint presentations, newsletters, and signage. Design and development of social media pages, websites and online stores. From budget options to enterprise level.


Ads + persuasive, copywriting, presentations, newsletters, brochures, websites, video scripts, ghost blogs, social media and email campaigns.


Location and studio, executive portraits, environmental portraits, your services in action, interior product and website assets. Learn how to take product shots yourself and edit in photoshop for ongoing self management available.

Video and editing

Product promotion, training videos and events videos.  Editing and outputting for DVD or web.  Coaching on self recording uploads for ongoing self management also available.

Consulting and coaching

If you are starting a business or transitioning a business I can help you with a formal coaching program through the Awakened system, or draw on over 25 years of accumulated knowledge working with businesses and brands to achieve their goals. As the owner of Blink,  consulting is my passion. Whether you want a formalised system or program or a more casual relationship - I am here to help.

Explore your options below.

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2 hour thought exchange

$199 per session
For small business owners

If you are grappling with issues relating to your small business positioning, marketing or systems, meet with us to discuss your status, aspirations, problems and potential in a high paced 2 hour thought exchange. This can be conducted 'face to face' via Skype or in your office.

Expert positioning

3 x 3 hour sessions
$500 per session
PDF and printed rep
ort summary of work - $1200
For small business owners

The branding process achieves clarity and direction for new businesses and reinvigorates established businesses. We help you define your vision, values, and ideal customers. Together we package your products, identify your partners and profile your competitors. We answer the three big questions.

  1. why should I buy from you - not someone else?"
  2. "why should I buy your product - instead of another."
  3. "why should I buy or contact you now - and stop looking?"


New business plans

3 x 2 hour sessions
$300 per session

For full time employees transitioning to small business

Transitioning from full time employment to small business or freelance consulting often involves following a decision to access better work hours, more money or to chase an entrepreneurial dream. Sometimes, some of us are forced into it.

The truth is that without clients there is no business and without something people need or want there is no way of finding clients.

In these valuable sessions we shed light on the easiest path to success with foundational business building and survival steps.

If you are still figuring out what to do we can guide you there and through that too

Business coaching

from $5000

Our business coaching services are for those who:

Want to push up to the next level in their existing business (or start out with a considerable advantage) with  business and marketing plans to sales and implementation methods. As a certified Australian based Awakened Business Coach, Ruth will guide you through the Canadian born system and give you access to the most valuable online materials and tutorials you will need for leveraging your small business.

Watch the video to the right to find out more

Training and empowering Australian small business owners and staff to use the tools and create their own ongoing marketing material is valuable. Without ongoing attention websites and social media pages look disheartened and no longer provide the low cost valuable marketing and branding tools they offer.


For small business we use a hosted CMS platform to create outstanding, uniquely branded websites for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for similar quality and functionality.   We offer fully customised and developed solutions and applications for enterprise and specific business requirements.

FROM $499 TO $20,000

Social media and online marketing tools

Communicating directly to the heart of your community of ideal clients is what digital marketing does well. A strategically planned social media profile is the most effective way to market a mainstream small business on a shoestring.

Facebook pages, linkedin profiles, twitter feeds, blogs  and articles can be potent profile and trust builders. When you select the best option you can save huge amounts of money and time wasted on expensive advertising that misses the mark.

2 hour social planning brainstorm

2 hour thought exchange - $299 per session

If you want to understand how social media could help you and be applied to your small business we will spend 2 hours guiding you through the ins and the outs of each option and how it can best serve your business objectives and resources of time and budget.  This can be conducted 'face to face' via Skype or in your office.

Social pages set up

2 hour set up package - $150 
Every hour after that $70

Setting up pages in unfamiliar online tools is time consuming and often confusing. Knowing which boxes to check, what to link and what to agree to is part of the task. If you have an aversion to FAQ pages and video tutorials  we can help you.

  • Facebook
  • twitter
  • pinterest
  • instagram 
  • google+
  • linked in

    Social pages design

    2 hour set up package - $150 
    Every hour after that $70

    Designing a professional business presence online can be worth the investment when you consider that in some circles word of mouth happens online not face to face. It offers an opportunity to reflect your true self from web to social.

    Social media copy writing

    2 hour set up package - $150 
    Every hour after that $70

    Designing a professional business presence online can be worth the investment when you consider that in some circles word of mouth happens online not face to face. It offers an opportunity to reflect your true self from web to social.


    2 hour set up package - $150 
    Every hour after that $70

    Why not engage your market with the excitement of video or explain complex information in digestible form. Video is a brilliant medium for your customers to meet you without meeting you. It is also an excellent training tool and education tool.

    Video platform set up and training session

    If you are struggling with the technical side of setting up your you tube or vimeo channel or embedding video into facebook we can help you in a short introductory session. Via screen share we set you up with a you tube or vimeo account and show you how to embed video to your website and maximise the SEO opportunity by tagging your video content.

    Email marketing set up

    2 hour set up package in i-contact - $150
    Every hour after that $70

    Estimate 6 hours set up in infusionSoft

    For capturing leads and personalised communication to your subtly different customer groups we can set you up.

    You supply the email lists and segmentation of your customers eg by age or budget or area of interest and we will set you up with the level of automated email marketing you need.

    Platforms range from complex (InfusionSoft) to very simple (i-contact) We can guide you to the level of marketing sophistication and personalisation you need.  

    Need help with planning and strategy? We can cover this as a social media session and add hours as required.

    Email marketing sequence copy writing

    2 hour set up package - $150 
    Every hour after that $70

    Pre-write a series of automated valuable emails to position your products, services or advice as the as the Number 1 choice in your market. If the content is right your emails will be anticipated. You will be saving your prospects time through a short cut to quality education or information. The skill is in building desire for you and your services simultaneously.


    We set you up with branded electronic newsletter templates ready to add your content.
    You supply the email list, logo and mandatory content and we do the rest. 

    No content or photography? Consider our copywiting photography and illustration services.

    Printed newsletter service is also available

    Creative services for small business

    Graphic design


    from $750

    Business cards






    Executive portraits
    from $150

    Environmental portraits
    from $150

    Your service in action
     from $395 - 12 shots

    from $
    395 - 12 shots

    interior exterior dawn or dusk
    from $395 - 6 shots

    Events and social
    from $150 first hour
    - $100 per hour includes digital

    Website shoot
    from $395 - 12 images
    2 hours - includes digital

    set up $150, $80 per product

    Magazine style location food shots
     $150 set up then charged $20 per image after that (min 15 images)

    Additional product shots for existing clients
    $150 up to 15 images

    Learn how to take your product shots yourself
    For 30 minute training session on how to shoot it yourself $99


    Ads + persuasive copywriting




    Video Scripts

    Ghost blogs

    Social media


    Brand creation