Website packages for Not-For-Profit, Government and Non-Government Funded organisations

Whether you are an Australian Government or independently funded not-for-profit organisation more than likely your marketing and brand strategies will feature your website and social media along with funding proposals and community engagement

More than ever your viability as an organisation will be linked to your brand positioning, and your online image and community engagement tools play an integral role.

What is perceived as 'valuable' to your communities of consumers, stakeholders and supporters is driven by different needs. A succinct presentation of your services and the 'value' of each of them is critical.  

The benefits of your online marketing tools is that you can offer an ever increasing depth of information and engagement opportunities as your audience members develop a greater connection over time. You can also engineer your analytics and feed you valuable feedback and insight at very little cost. 

We recommend you start by reading about the website planning process, and then book a 30 minute consultation with Ruth to discuss your online marketing communication.


Our website fees for NFPs are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and complexity of the work.

Price from $8,000 +


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