Websites - 8 simple steps

Step 1 


2 minute video planning guide explains why you need to plan it and how successful businesses look out for when planning their websites.

2 minute video planning guide explains why you need to plan it and how successful businesses look out for when planning their websites.



Step 2 


Start by watching this 2 minute video. Then make a note whether you choose Squarespace or Wordpress. If you are still unsure, please contact us to discuss your situation.

In this step you are selecting the Content Management System (CMS) you will use to update your website and the development platform we will use to build your website. Both products were hand selected by us out of many, many options. Squarespace and Wordpress are in our opinion the premium CMS solutions for quite a few reasons. 




Step 3 - Invest in content creation services

Without original content, a website is just computer code with a generic theme decorating it. Visitors don't respond to computer code or generic templates, or photos of people who don't look 'real'. Every image, word or video needs to be designed, photographed or written. Either that or extremely carefully selected from stock libraries. 

People visit a website to find out if you have what they want and if they trust you. Great content makes this happen because it is your opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors while building a connection with your audience. 

That being said, you could brush up your technical skills and creative genius, or invest in professional Australian content creation services right here.

This is a diagram of the content you will need to supply or have created for you.

Graphics, photography and illustration

Animation, video and voice–overs

We can help here with expert help from designers, illustrators, writers, videographers, animators and photographers through our website. Pre-selected and proven Australian professional help.

Step 4 - Build your website

Finally we are at the part where it all comes together. 

To get started you will have your plan, know which platform you are using, and have prepared the content for each page within your plan.

You will also have the url information regarding your domain name and any link details you want to include.

Firstly we will build a working wireframe of your website and then begin to add your content. If you are ready let's get going.


So, let's start

We assign a website designer and/or developer to build your website for you. Select the option to suit your in-house skill level and budget. 


We can help you in few ways ways 

  1. You can join us for a 1-on-1 website build session in Squarespace. Where we create your website with you in front of your eyes. This options suits sole proprietors.
  2. We can take your plan and your content and create your website for you then present it for tweaks and changes. Select a package from the websites menu that best suits your business. This suitsall business types.

Step 5 - Integrate your social media

By allowing your website and social media to work as a team you will engage more future and existing customers. Social Media is easily integrated with both the Wordpress and Squarespace website platforms. You may look for just integration or choose to have professional establishment services done for you as well–to kick things off with power.

Step 6 - Check, test, tweak and optimise

Once the site is almost finished it is time to run the vital checks across content, browsers and mobile phones. It is usual for the designer, developer and the client to run through a checklist so any fixes can be made.

Step 7 - Manage and update

There are two types of website management services:

  1. Content

  2. Technical

Content management is a huge topic in itself but briefly:

Once your website is live and becoming a living extension of your sales team or a hub point for your community, it is time to keep building on your strong beginnings.

And, it should be integrated with your social media and email activities to maximise it’s potential.

Also, updating and adding great and relevant website content will be rewarded by browsers like Google, so it is well worth your energy and investment. Not to mention that your client's will also benefit from up to date website content.

We recommend that you:

  • analyse content responses, plan and create the content updates and additions yourself, or

  • invest in a monthly recommendation report and suggestions based on the analysis and carry out the updates yourself, or

  • take the stress away and have it done for you for an agreed monthly fee.

Technically your website will have few problems, however, depending upon the CMS chosen it will require updates at times for plug-ins and in response to new browsers being released. It is always advisable to keep some budget available for updates and maintenance.

The choice is yours. For an idea of the costs involved click the button below for our website management services.