We create your website in front of your eyes in 3 separate 1-on-1 sessions – via skype, or in person.





We plan your website and build a wireframe

3 hours

During this session we plan your website :

  1. Which pages will be included
  2. Where each page will go
  3. How each page will link
  4. What will go on each page

The style can be changed at anytime so this is not our focus yet. First we create a working website wireframe:

  1. We set up a trial website
  2. Build your website plan
  3. Organise your hosting
  4. Build your wireframe


You create your website content or we do it for you*


Before we can sit down with you to create your website we will require the content (or assets) for your website.
We can help you generate any of these.

Your content is anything that will go into your website including :

  1. Your words (copywriting)
  2. Photography
  3. Illustration
  4. Diagrams or charts
  5. Forms
  6. External links
  7. Logos
  8. Uploads
  9. Social media account details
  10. News and media
  11. Calendar dates

 *additional charges are required to create your content for you.

We add content and design your website

3 hours

Once your content is complete (or almost complete) we sit down and construct the website before your eyes :

  1. First we confirm the template that best accommodates your wireframe
  2. We add your imagery, words and icons
  3. We tweak the website with you and move anything that needs more time to the end of the session
  4. We make a list of outstanding tasks needed to finish the website

If all contents are not available, we add placeholders and show you how to change them (at your convenience) during your live training session, using the easy content management system.

We train and hand over your new website

3 hours

In our final session we will show you how to:

  1. Add and delete pages
  2. Upload and position images and PDFs
  3. Change text
  4. Add links
  5. Create galleries
  6. Set up forms
  7. Enable and disable pages
  8. Use the layout block system
  9. Publish your blog to tweet
  10. Automatically pull in your latest Twitter stream and Instagram photos
  11. Take any page or gallery from your site and seamlessly publish it on your Facebook Page

Finally, we publish your website. Within two hours (usually) it will be live – just in time for your celebrations.