Wordpress - annual technical management packages

Wordpress - annual technical management packages


This is our minimum recommended package for anyone with a Wordpress Website with no technical experience. This will ensure our website is well protected and is functioning at optimal speed. It will also ensure that if you need a back up it will be available to you. 

You can use your in house IT department to manage this for you, or call on us, the choice is yours

With the help of Brisbane based Australian provider we are here ready to help. Our basic wordpress technical management package includes;

  • Security monitoring 

  • We will monitor your website for malware, review excess logs file changes etc Alerts if someone made a new post or new files. Costs related to hacking included.

  • We will ensure your WordPress CMS and WordPress plugins are up to date on

  • We will maintain a “just in case” backup of your core WordPress files and database. Weekly back ups (extra back ups available on request)

  • We will assist you in installing and maintaining the WordPress Security plugin

  • Upon completing an update of WordPress or a plugin we will “visually” review your website to verify everything is working.
  • Optimisation of the database
  • Performance tuning and monitoring - performance issues may occur with traffic spikes etc. We will watch over this on your behalf

What is not included?

Any issues out of our control or caused by another provider or anyone outside of our team e.g. hosting provider or one of your internal staff members (accidents do happen) we will charge an hourly fixing fee of $60 per hour 





High availability of the site maintenance plan


This is for when catastrophic outages occur. Believe me it happens. But… not often

  • Monitoring the uptime of the site
  • In case of downtime set up activation of back up site within 4-5 hours after the issue has been acknowledged
  • A Requirement here is that we need to be named as the technical provider with the host. Website domain needs to use one of our DNS servers to allow full control over the domain of the domain name incase it needs to be redirected to a different host. 


Add on $329 for this service - a bit of insurance really

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